Jeff Troutman Photography

Memories are the story of us. They are who we are. Where we’ve been. They are the lives we’ve touched, and the lives that have touched us. Every new memory is like a cobblestone in the path of where we are going. When we glance back, the path may seem undefined and featureless. But when we reach down, we can pick up each cobblestone and touch and feel and smell, and hear…memories.

I picked up my first camera over *gulp* forty years ago. I took pictures of my family. Of where we lived and the places we went. I took hundreds of pictures of my friends. I still have pictures of that first year, and when I look at them, I'm transported back to then, to the time when I was younger than my youngest son is now, without a care in the world, and with even fewer expectations of what my future would bring. Without those photographs, well...

Forty years. I really hate to admit that.

I never stopped, though, and Jeff Troutman Photography was born. It’s a way to carry me forward and make my own new memories as I enter a different phase in my life, far away from the corporate world, and to happily help others build that cobblestone path for themselves.

Memories matter.